How to Photograph your Cat

Learn tips and techniques for photographing your cat.

By Jena Michaud

How I photograph my cats:

Get the treats!

When photographing your cat, be sure to have treats. Show it to your cat, but don't tease, your cat is helping you create beautiful portraits, be sure to give your cat the treat!

Onyx eating his treat!

Be Patient!

I like to start with putting out a stool, and then I wait. My cat will get curious and eventually find himself sitting on the stool without realizing he is about to have his portrait taken. That's when the picture taking begins.

Opal wondering why the stool has appeared.

This goes the same for wooden bowls, just wait, its a cat trap!

Instantly trapped in the bowl!

Fuzzy Blankets!

Layer your home in fuzzy blankets, fuzzy blankets everywhere! And just wait till they can't resist falling asleep on your fuzzy blanket. Give them at least 10 min before your start taking pictures, you want to make sure the sound of your shutter does not wake your cat. Playing music or tv in the background can help to filter your camera's shutter.

Opal as a kitten in a fuzzy blanket and teddy bear.

Play with your cat!

The playful scenes are my favorite! Pull out a string or cat toy and play with your cat using one hand and taking photos with the other. It can be helpful to include an assistant for these images.

Loves to play with string!
Because how could I not include this one?

Lastly, one more treat!

Your kitty has worked hard to give you a collection of beautiful cat photos, give your cat an extra treat!

Big cat yawns!